Micro RPG catalog

A bunch of resources for micro-mini RPG systems.

Most RPG systems published here don’t mention any license or terms of use. I’m putting them here to gather them for archiving purposes, but you may take note that they’re all (c) by their authors, unless mentioned otherwise.


140c RPGs

Older entries for 140c RPG, a contest initiated by John Mark Hicks:


Following Twitter Inc. annoucement to roll out a new 280-character limit for the tweets, the.flattest.cyborg has thrown a challenge: write a RPG in 280 characters or less.

You may search for the #280rpg hashtag.

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Le challenge 140c RPG

Plusieurs propositions de jeux qui tiennent en un tweet.

Other resources

The 200-word RPG Challenge is a game design contest organized by David Schirduan and Marshall Miller about creating roleplaying games in 200 words or less.